Connection problems on my Android device

The Kiosk Photo Transfer App requires you to disable the setting which allows your device to automatically switch between WiFi networks and your mobile 3G/4G network. This setting is named differently depending on your mobile device model and the version of Android it is running. Depending on your device model, possible setting names include: “Auto Network Switch,” “Smart Network Switch,” or “Avoid Poor Connections.”

The Kiosk Photo Transfer App will detect when the setting is enabled on your phone and will provide you access to a shortcut to the Settings menu on which it must be disabled:
  1. Touch the Go to Advanced Wi-Fi Settings button.
  2. Clear the selection in either the Smart network switch check box or the Auto network switch check box (depending on your device model and Android version). If your device has the Avoid poor connections setting, disable it.
  3. Press the Back button on your phone until the Fujifilm Kiosk Photo Transfer App is displayed again.

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